Vineyard Vines Official Clothing Style Of Kentucky Derby Twin Cities

We are excited to announce Vineyard Vines official clothing style of Kentucky Derby Twin Cities.  Since 2011 Vineyard Vines has been the “Official Style” of the Kentucky Derby.

They have an exciting collection of clothes to have the proper style for any Kentucky Derby party.  For the women we absolutely adore their dresses.  Specifically the white “lucky”  horseshoe dress and the mulit-color seersucker dress.

For the guys they have so many options.  Great sportcoats, the Breaker pant in coral is a must, belts, hats and ties with horses.  We recommend the bowtie whenever possible.

We suggest going into the brand new Galleria store in Edina.  They have a great staff to help you find the perfect outfit.  The believe “Every Day Should Feel This Good.”  You need to find out why at vineyardvines.com